Meridian Police Department

             Vehicle Impounds

The City of Meridian is Currently Accepting bids for a Contract wrecker for the Meridian Police Department. Bids are due no later than March 12, 2018. Contract will be from March 12, 2018 thru March 11, 2019. Below are requirements for contract:


1. Must have minimum 25 minute response time

2. Must have a radio inside the truck to talk to officers.

3. Must be current with all TDLR regulations.

4. Must be insured and bonded as required by law

5. Must have a storage facility within 20 miles of the City of Meridian.



If you meet the above terms you may submit a bit with the following information:

Wrecker Fees
Hookup Fees
Storag fees per day
Any other fees associated with the impound


This contract is for nonconsent impounds only and does not apply to consent impounds or wrecks. Meridian City Council will need to accept the winning big. You will be notified if you are selected.



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