Meridian Police Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.
If you have a question and you dont find the
answer here, feel free to contact us. 

Q- How do I contest a ticket?

A- In order to contest a ticket you will need to contact the court on or before
     your appearance date. You will need to enter a plea. You can then request a Trial
     or request to do defensive driving if you qualify.

Q- Can I burn inside the city limits?

A- No. It is against Meridian City ordinance to burn inside the city limits of Meridian. Even if
     there is no burn ban.

Q- How do I file a complaint against an officer?

A- You must come in and put the complaint in writing. After your complaint is received it will be reviewed by the Chief of Police. You will then be notified of how your complaint was handled by mail.

Q- Can I appeal the Chief's Decision about a complaint?

A- Yes. You can appeal the Chief's decision regarding a complain by speaking with the Mayor or City Council.

Q- Do I have to put my complaint in writing?

A- Yes. A complaint against an officer will not be accepted unless it is submitted in writing.

Q- Can a Meridian Police Officer issue me a ticket outside of the City of Meridian?

A- Yes. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure gives Municipal Police Officers the ability to enforce any laws anywhere within the county where his municipality is. However he must write the ticket to the court that has jurisdiction in that area.

Q- I was stopped for speeding. Can I ask to look at the officer's radar unit?

A- Yes,  you can ask to see the radar unit. However the officer DOES NOT have to show you the radar.  Due to safety concerns, the officer may not allow you to approach the patrol car.



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